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Build a positive impact on your profile with best Android training in Chennai. Being trained under the trainers who hold 15+ years of experience, it’s the right opportunity for you to have a substantial grip on Android, even on preparing your custom queries for the database operations.

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A Center of Excellence For Android Training In Chennai

Yes you read it right?! Infycle is considered as the center of excellence for Android Training In Chennai.

Infycle influenced as one of the best Android Training in Chennai, by helping the like-minded aspirants who wish to explore the world of technologies using the mobile app medium. In addition to that, by knowing the widespread exponential reach of the android platform, we keep ourselves updated with its trends and technologies to ensure that superlative training is provided to the enrolled candidates.

A Center of Excellence For Android Training In Chennai

Since its inception, Android has always been a dominating player in the arena of the operating system. When it comes to smartphones it still rules the space with 86.1% market share. The unstoppable demand from industries in terms of potent talents to convert and manage their business to mobilization and as a result, parallel growth of new industries makes it mandatory to know about Android. That’s where Infycle came into play to help young individuals to master the Android app development with experimental training. Hence it is obvious that getting the best Android Training in Chennai becomes essential for any tech-related player to up-skill their talent and shine bright in the industry.

Certificate Course

Build a positive impact on your business. Check out what we have to offer.
Exclusive Practical Training

Infycle offers 100% practical training that ensures the best knowledge transfer which improves the skills and knowledge of the students.

100% Placement Guidance

Our expert placement team helps you to mock the interviews and guides you to elevate successful career growth.

Trending Courses

We provide you the most trending courses that are demanded by IT industry and the syllabus is precisely planned to give you the best.

Certificate Course

Build a positive impact on your business. Check out what we have to offer.
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Why Should You Choose Infycle For Android Training In Chennai?

Infycle Technologies is unique of its kind learning centre when it comes to android training in Chennai, we completely prohibit the stereotypical method of classroom training instead, and we prefer to conduct more interactive sessions that help the enrolled candidate to hold high clarity on every single concept of Android app development. Apart from regular classes, mock practices, tests, final evaluation, placement, and certification, this is what you can expect from us in the course duration:
Why Should You Choose Infycle For Android Training In Chennai
Industrial Exposure

We assure to provide the best industrial exposure to the enrolled candidates when they get involved in the learning process of creating an android application. Also, we introduce them to various live projects and make them understand how the corporate and enterprises get involved in creating the android app. Likewise, we continuously add too many advancements & features to provide the best in class Android Training in Chennai.

Space for Ideation

Professionals in Infycle Technologies encourage the candidates to develop and exhibit their ideation and unique solutions in creating a highly-interactive android mobile app module. This particular approach makes them real industry fit and helps to adopt any working conditions swiftly and perform better. We provide the best android training in Chennai that gets exhibited in developing industry fit technocrats who can be the real asset to any organization.

Who Can Enroll For Android Training In Chennai?

Students: Aspiring students who are in their academic life can enroll into this android training in Chennai. It doesn’t just gives them the knowledge of a new technology and skill set, but also implement confidence in them when they step out into their professional life.


Working Professionals: Adopting this course would be a great boon for working professionals who are currently in their entry-level of their career. Similarly, they strive hard to get a big breakthrough by developing their skill set. Availing android training in Chennai, from Infycle technologies helps them to climb their career ladder easily.


Start-up CEO’s: Yes, you heard me right, startups CEOs especially the tech-driven company heads must enroll themselves into the training of app development not for to create codes. Instead, they can have an edge over the workability of the technology and can easily manage their workforce to get done with the projects on time.


Freelancers: A new-gen self-employed professional who has a basic idea and key interest to become an app developer can get enrolled in this training course. It helps them to successfully register their presence in the digitized business world and certainly to run their life in a self-dependent way.

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Type of Preparation Infycle Conducts For Best Android Training In Chennai

Pre-preparation for Android Training in Chennai

We at Infycle technologies maintain high transparency in the entire process of the android training in Chennai we cater. Further we expect from our enrolling candidates that they must possess a minimum level of programming knowledge and understanding object-oriented concepts that help them to complete the course in a hassle freeway. In short, holding the basic knowledge of programming is found to be mandatory in accomplishing the android training in Chennai successfully.


Post-preparation for Android Training in Chennai

In Infycle technologies we give equal importance to the post preparation phase of android training in Chennai. However we provide the deploy-ability skills of the candidates that will be tested. Moreover, in this phase, we will evaluate the way a candidate reacts and overcome a given scenario to build a secure and proactive mobile app. The successful completion of this phase determines their eligibility as an app developer and also determines whether they can complete our android training in Chennai.

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And Get Placed as an App Developer in Reputed Companies

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Become an Efficient Android Developer!

An Android developer is a software developer who get specialized in designing a application in the android market place. Subsequently, it revolves around the world for creating apps for smartphones and tablets. Infycle technologies provides the best Android training in chennai to support your hopes.

Our Course Assets

Infycle has carefully planned syllabus in a efficient manner for giving you the best Android training in Chennai to boost your career development.
Course NameAndroid
Skill LevelBeginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Total Learners5000+
Course Duration500 Hours
Course Material
  • Class Room Training’s
  • Online Training’s
  • Webinars
  • Assignments
  • Projects
Student Portal    Yes
Placement Assistance     Yes

Course Outline

Infycle provides the best real-time training to help you learn the app development methodologies that helps you to enhance your skill as an expert Android developer.

Android career scope

Course benefits

Infycle provides the foremost industrial exposure to the students. We provide you real-time projects and make you expert-skilled candidate. You can grab the unique place during the recruitment.

Time & Duration

See how we are flexible towards your future development!

Regular schedule

Infycle is available all 24*7 days for making your dreams true. You can enroll this regular session for about 30 days of training as 2 hours a day.

Weekend session

Infycle gives significant value for your goals and we bend towards your availablilty. So we have provided weekend schedules to support your career. It is about 10 weekends 3 hours a day.

Fast track session

This is exclusively made for working professionals and those who wish to make training in short span. we provide you with carefully planned schedule of course with no compromise in qulaity.

Practice sessions

We also provide the elegant lab facilities that helps you to get trained with the daily concepts and work real-time projects throughout the day. This is also united with the trainer support to get a clear idea.

We give you the right path!

Infycle feels great to support you to enlighten your career path.
Attend a Demo

Experience our free demo session from our professional experts to assimilate more about the importance of Android! We offer free one to one demo sessions regarding the course, training, certifications, and everything you want to know about Infycle!

Career knowledge

We have a free consultation session that gives you the perspective of the career growth. We consider your goals and dreams to make you move towards the right path of the career development.

Free Attributes

We provide you the no cost session and best consultation for your career development. Also, you can avail free induction kit and course related materials that supports you for better training experience.

Grab the knowledge of Experts!

Infycle gives the best and excellent knowledge to upgrade your knowledge.
Top rated experts

Infycle's experts are the leading trainers with 15+ years of hands-on experience in the industry. They work towards the technology based real-time strategy in leading MNC with advanced skill and ability.

Friendly training session

Infycle has a friendly training environment that configures the mindset of student to feel comfortable in classes. It helps you to solve doubts and you can find solutions at right times without any hesitation.

Active training

Apart from classroom training the trainers make the session interactive that helps the students clech the knowledge without boring. Also we provide assignments, IT based projects and other interview related training.

Master your profile!

Get certified and make your profile visible to recruiters!
Certification Exam

Infycle's training assists you to clear the certification of Android examination. Our Hands-on training makes you to clear it at once and attain the certification. This becomes added advantage to your profile.

Android certification

Become an expert Android developer! This training and certification makes your profile visible to the recruiters and hack the highest roles in the industry.


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Who can take up the Android course?

Fresh candidates those who are interested in android app development, working professionals, freelancers, software developers and also other experienced professionals can take up the course. This is an effective course that is quite interesting.

What are the prerequisites for Android course training?

There are no pre-requisites to learn Android course and Infycle is ready to solve your problem of pre-requisites if any by providing sufficient skill training to make you an Android developer. If you have prior knowledge of basic programming it’s beneficial.

Do Infycle offers placement assistance for Android course?

Infycle is proud to present that we have placed 5000+ students in various Technologies. Meanwhile, our expert placement team provides 100% placement guidance and helps you to mock the interview and get placed with best offers in the exclusive Android based jobs.

Is there any additional benefits of getting trained?

Infycle Technologies supports you with the best training sessions with best trainers. In addition, we also support you with projects cases, query one-one session, project training and resume building that adds points to your profile to grab the job opportuinities.

Is Android course is hard to learn?

No. It is basically a interesting syllabus and uses general language for easy understanding. Our experienced faculty team at Infycle, make it more easier and convenient to learn.

What is my career scope of Android course?

There are lot of career opportunity related to the Android training. The entire world is covered with the android and there are lots and lots of jobs in case of android application developer in the marketplace of android. Thus, Infycle give you the best placement assistance for developing your career.

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Android Training Course Curriculum

We have a planned expert level syllabus formulation to serve the best quality training.

Android App Development Syllabus

Introduction to Android App Development
● Introduction to Android
● Android – Stack, Build process
● Studio – Installation
● Project Structure Overview

Programming Basics
●OOPS Concepts

● Data Encapsulation
● Inheritance
● Polymorphism

Understanding Android Fundamentals
● Android – USB debugging
● Understanding build.gradle
● Android Manifest Xml
● Activities – Introduction
● Activity Life Cycle
● Layouts – Introduction
Coding Exercise 1 – Build your own app

Kotlin Basics – Overview & Collections
● History
● Introduction
● Data Types, Variables and Constants
● String Operations
● Collections – List, Set, Map
● Mutables vs Immutables

Kotlin Basics – Program Flow
● Managed Program Flow – Conditional and Looping Statements
● Functions, Enumeration, Pair
● Error and Exceptional Handling
● Optionals and Closure -Overview
Coding Exercise 2 – Build your own app

Kotlin Basics – Open Class & Data Class
● Class – Introduction

● Instantiation of Class
● Importance of Data Class
● Open Class Vs Data Class

Shared Preferences
● Importance of Shared Preference
● Key Pair Value Model
● Saving and Retrieving offline data.
Coding Exercise 3 – Build your own app

Fused Location
● Fused Location – Introduction.

● Getting User location from GPS.

● Tracking the User.
● Consuming the User Location.

Coding Exercise 4 – Build your own app

Designing Layouts using UI Elements
● Splash screen
● Views, Buttons, Labels
● Giving actions to UI Elements
● UI Element Interactions using Gestures
● User Messages – Toast, Snack Bar
Coding Exercise 5 – Build your own app

Model View Controller (MVC) – Design Pattern
● Manifest Properties
● Creating a Data Model
● Layout operations
● MVC implementation
Coding Exercise 6 – Build your own app

Server Interaction – Restful API Calls
● Introduction to HTTPS API Calls
● Classification of Restful APIs
● Retrofit vs Volley
● Implementation of Server Interaction component.
Coding Exercise 7 – Build your own app

Local Database – Realm
● Introduction to Realm
● Importance of Realm
● Realm – Read and Writes
● Implementation of Database component.
Coding Exercise 8 – Build your own app

Keystore and App distribution
● Creating Keystore
● Maintaining
● Ship your app for Testing

Layouts – Implementation
● Types of Layout
● Relative Layout
● Linear Layout
● Constraint Layout
● Why Constraint Layout over any other layout?
Coding Exercise 9 – Build your own app

● Introduction to Fragments
● Importance of Fragments
● Implementation
Coding Exercise 10 – Build your own app

Reusable Views
● List View
● Web View
● Introduction to Reusable Views
● Recycler View
Coding Exercise 11 – Build your own app
Coding Exercise 12 – Build your own app


Source Control using Git & Xcode
● Introduction to Git

● How to maintain Code using Git
● Git Hub cloud repository
● Pushing and Pulling Code from Github repository

● Local Notification
● Push Notification using FCM
● In App Notification using FCM
Coding Exercise 13 – Build your own app

Google Maps
● Introduction to Map View
● Setting the Map Coordinates
● Setting up the custom markers
● Using Google Places API to locate Restaurents

Coding Exercise 14 – Build your own app

QR Scanner – using Surface View
● Introduction to AVFoundation
● Surface View Scanning
● Implementing QR Scanner

● Detecting QR and Bar Codes

Coding Exercise 15 – Build your own app

AR App using AR Core
Android Watch App

Interview Questions and Preparation
● Assessment
● Basic Interview Questions
● Best Programming Practices
● Technical References

Learn Android

And Get Placed as an App Developer in Reputed Companies

Certificate List

Earn a professional certificate from top universities and institutions including Harvard, MIT, Microsoft and more.

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Infycle's Proficient and attractive course Training!

We give you sufficient knowledge and skills that ameliorate your efficiecy in your career development.

Perks catered in adhering Android Course in Chennai 

We at Infycle Technologies provide quality Android Course in Chennai. Similarly,  feel the sheer responsibility of educating interested and involved patrons about the advantage of undergoing the course.


Talent Up-skilling: You might have exposure in the coding field, but app development is something different and extraordinary. First it sets a par standard when compared with creating a website or web app likewise for software that sticks and revolves around the desktop. The undeniable dominance of smartphones and their evolution has made things happen for app development and android course in Chennai. Also, its allied stakeholders possess great demand for years since its inception. 


Expanded Exposure: Working as an android app developer or enrolling an android training in Chennai will help you attain new feet especially when it comes to exposure and expanding your network. One would attain a different level of an organization that is certainly in an elevated way which helps to understand the way businesses operate especially in this mobile-driven industry. Therefore, Infycle’s Android course in Chennai helps the developers to have clarity on thoughtful insights and perform better with app development.


Financial Benefits: That is to say, post accomplishing the android course in Chennai with us an individual can attain great financial benefit with android app development and its allied business. Either if they set up their agency or join a company or move on with freelancing they won’t suffer from financial crisis since there holds a huge demand for app development talent in the global market anytime.


Flexible with Technologies: Unlike other platforms or IT-related streams, the mobile app is highly flexible in adapting to new technologies easily and swiftly when compared with other platforms like software or web app. 


To mention in particular, the new age technologies like AI and IOT can get integrated easily with the mobile app and deliver splendid, futuristic, and seamless service to the users. The rapid conquer of AI and IoT in several industries, the mobile app has made itself well flexible to develop full-structured and productive products like a wearable app that can benefit the users. To conclude, Our mode of knowledge sharing of Android Course in Chennai will help you to build such winning apps.


How to select the right Android App Development Course in Chennai?

Being the responsible player in the industry of Android app development course in Chennai, we always maintain a neutral stand in educating the candidates therefore it helps to select an opt mobile app development course that meets their interest and basic skill set as well. Where android requires the knowledge of Java and iOS app development demands C exposure.


Best In Class Android App Development Courses in Chennai 

We at Infycle technologies provide prolific android app development courses in Chennai that also includes iOS app development. Furthermore, we hold well-trained and experienced experts who have great industrial exposure in case of iOS app creation and provide a catalytic contribution in delivering their hard-earned precious knowledge of iOS app development most interactively.

Learn Android

And Get Placed as an App Developer in Reputed Companies

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We are very proud of the service we provide and stand by every product we carry. Read our testimonials from our happy customers.

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We are very proud of the service we provide and stand by every product we carry. Read our testimonials from our happy customers.