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Master the booming technologies with Infycle! Data Science is one of the most demanding skill set in the industry. With proper assistance & hands-on training, we will help you to pave the way for your career in MNC's. Join us today to get the best Data Science training in Chennai and start impressing your recruiters with your exceptional skills.

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Best Data Science Training in Chennai- Infycle:

“Get Data Science Training To Become A Data Scientist”
  • Infycle Training in data science which is considered as the best data science training in Chennai is also organized on online platforms and coaching courses. 
  • Through effective teaching, students can learn about algorithms such as random forests, decision trees, naive bayes, and more. All this can be done using R and Python.
  • This training provided by Infycle– best data science training in Chennai also includes a conceptual understanding of topics such as statistics, exploration and deep learning algorithms. 
  • This is closely related to data mining and mathematical concepts such as probability, so a good foundation for data mining and mathematics for data mining will be useful. A good Python database also helps.
Best Data Science Training in Chennai- Infycle

The reason why Infycle is being recognized as the best Data Science training institute in Chennai is because of the platform it creates for individuals to learn and experiment every single task with real-time projects. Apart from Practical training, students will have various access to features like database tools, subprograms, Demo projects, forums, FAQ’s, Technical group for live discussion to understand the course better.

What are the Preliminary levels considered before joining?

  • Prior demo & consulting
  • Course & Syllabus planning
  • Mapping trainers & course customization
  • Overview of Training Methodologies

Training With Infycle Technologies

Build a positive impact on your career life to attain your goals.
Excellent Practical Training

The training offered in Infycle is 100% practical that ensures the best knowledge transfer.

100% Placement Assistance

The placement team helps you to crack the interviews and guides you to successful career growth.

Most Demending Courses

We offer you the most trending courses that are demanded by IT industry and satisfy their needs.

Benefits of learning Data Science:

The benefits can be attained in Data Science field are as follows
  • There are “n” number of job opportunities available in this field.
  • The salary and achievements of the data scientist are very high.
  • There is a clear opportunity for rapid career development.
  • Data Science can help you solve many real problems.

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Best Data Science training in Chennai- Why Infycle?

If you are fascinated by the growing potential of data and want to secure a career in this dynamically developing field, you must obtain a Data Science knowledge by learning and be certified.
Best Data Science training in Chennai- Why Infycle
Infycle- Best data science institute in Chennai

Infycle explores topics and helps students learn lessons from real time examples. Trainers should be able to help applicants easily prepare and complete their assignments. They should allow students to ask as many questions as they want.

Facilities Available in Infycle

Here are some of the facilities available in Infycle- Best data science institute in Chennai.
Infycle has the experience of teaching hundreds of students with the Knowledge of mining. The trainers are definitely professional and Experts in knowledge of the subject. We have experience in executing multiple tasks in real time. Our Trainers have experience in many of the world’s leading companies.

Infycle Data science course in Chennai- The Pinnacle of All Careers:

If you have a dream career full of interesting business opportunities, there is no better option than learning Data science. Take a data science course in Infycle – Data science course in Chennai and aim for success. Knowledge of mathematics, statistics and problem solving are important prerequisites for becoming a Data scientist. The program offered by Infycle – Data science training in Chennai covers all the basic concepts of data science, with an emphasis on effective programming languages ​​such as Python and SQL for machine learning. While Excel and R are considered the best tools for statistical analysis and data modeling, Hadoop, SAS, Sparks, XL miners and others are important tools to facilitate the work of data scientists.


The course offered by Infycle – Data science training in Chennai consists of large, experienced faculties with extensive experience in the data industry. Students can participate in countless webinars and have the opportunity to work on live projects to understand the real business environment. 

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Infycle’s data science certification in Chennai- Explore the World of Data!

Advantage of Infycle’s Data science certification in Chennai is that you receive the required certificates. This will prepare for the growing demand for technologies and capabilities in large amounts of data. It also offers data management technologies such as computer learning, Flume and Hadoop.


Infycle’s data science training in Chennai can help shape your career and reach new heights with exceeding level of growth. If you want to stand out from the crowd, use reliable data science certification programs with universal recognition. Certificates are proof of your skills and help the industry assess your knowledge and skills. An Infycle’s data science certification can help you improve your career (The Secret Sauce in a Successful Career).


Having knowledge of these areas gives you an added advantage over other professionals. If you become an expert, you can request a higher salary. And it is likely that the data industry will continue to grow and that new and high level opportunities will emerge in the near future.

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And Perform the Accurate Business Forecasting for Organizations

Infycle- Best data science institute in Chennai!

You need to understand that technology is everywhere. But Infycle provides excellent data that helps students to find the job of their dreams in high technology based companies upon graduation.

Full-stack data scientist

A Full-stack data scientist is an ideal position to describe an ideal candidate who is an expert in everything related to data science including Data mining, visualization, ETL, Hadoop, Spark, NLP, programming (in all languages), machine learning (supervised, unsupervised, improvement of learning),etc. Full-stack data scientist role is challenging yet extremely exciting.

Our Course Attributes

Infycle has carefully planned for the syllabus in a precise and effective manner for giving you the best training in Chennai.
Course NameData Science
Skill LevelBeginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Total Learners5000+
Course Duration500 Hours
Course Material
  • Class Room Training’s
  • Online Training’s
  • Webinars
  • Assignments
  • Projects
Student Portal    Yes
Placement Assistance     Yes

Intensive Training

Infycle offers a unique intensive way of training that will help you to face the challenges in the IT industry. We train you with top trending courses in detail which will help you to master the technology and as well as the career.

Formulated Courses

All the courses are precised and formulated according to the industry expectation and changing trends. So that you can face the professional challenge without any discomfort.

Career Guidance

We are happy to say that offers 100% placement assistance & practical sessions. Come and get a free knowledge transfer demo session from our experts to build a successful career.

Time & Duration

More Details About Top Courses

Flexible Teachings

Our trainers are equipped to organize & conduct live one on one Q&A sessions to practice and clarify all your queries throughout the day. Further, assignments & numerous ideas will be shared to bring creativity in coding

100% Practical Sessions

Infycle ensures the complete professional environment to practice your daily classes with real-time projects to will enhance your technical knowledge and skills.

Career Guidance

From developing skillsets to building a strong profile, Infycle will guide you in every phase of your training till you get placed.

Class Schedules

We know you are tied up with responsibilities. Infycle feels happy to support you with scheduled classes according to your availability. We offer you both regular and weekend trainings.

We Guide you to the right way for your future!

Are you confused about the course and your career? We are here to guide you in the right track!
Attend Free Demo Session!

Come and experience our free demo session from experts to understand more about the importance of Data Science! We offer free one to one demo sessions regarding the course, training, certifications, and everything you want to know about Infycle!

Course Materials

Infycle provides you the course-related materials and soft, hard copies and induction kit to provide you the smooth learning experience along with best-in-class training.

Career Guidance

Our students are our family! We really care about the future of each of our students! We assist and set you the right pathway to reach your career goal and future skillset development programs to keep you upgraded in your career.

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Skillfull trainers

You can grab the knowledge of our experts with industry skills and are working in the real time projects with 15+ years of IT background. They give you the friendly support to enrich your knowledge and skills in the subject.

Expertised Knowledge Transfer

The Expertised experience from the trainers with real-time skills is delivered to the students at high standards in a friendly manner. The practical knowledge helps to uplift your skills.

Friendly Training

Infycle has a friendly training environment that makes the student to feel free to solve their doubts and you can find solutions at right times without any hesitation.

Master yourself with the Certification!

Certification makes your profile enriched with the additional bonus that turns the recruiters towards you!
Get Certified

Infycle helps you to clear the official examination to obtain the certification. This adds value to your profile to stand unique in the recruitment.

Data Science certification

Become an data science expert! This paves way for the successful career development and you will gain space during the recruitment with best offers and huge pay.


Do you have any questions to ask us about the course? Feel free! Here we have something like that for your glance.

Do i have career scope by learning Data Science?

In digital world every thing is analysed with the statistical approach. Data science is the advanced technology that deals with the data analysis and smart prediction techniques in the modern technical industry. It shapes your future by getting trained with Infycle Technologies.

Why Data Science is popular?

Data Science is highly demanded in the IT industry. Being a data scientist you can earn the high paychecks from the MNC field for the accuracy of work made. So people decide to become a data scientist that makes it so unique and familiar role in the world.  Infycle works to create highly efficient data scientist to sustain the role.

Is there any pre-requisties to learn Data Science?

Yes. There are pre-requisites to learn data science and Infycle is happy to solve your problem of pre-requisites by providing sufficient skill training to make you an data science expert.

Who can take up the Data science training?

Fresh candidates without programming knowledge cannot obtain the training, Still they also can prefer the pre-requisites first. But those who satisfy the pre-requisites can obtain the course. If you are experienced then it is a plus to your profile.

Do you have anymore doubts?

Are you interested in the course and would you like to get trained with the experts of Infycle Technologies in Chennai? You can contact us for queries. Our expert team is here to solve them.

Contact us?


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Certificate List

Earn a professional certificate from top universities and institutions including Harvard, MIT, Microsoft and more.

Data science syllabus:

The Data science syllabus covers the following topics deeply:

  • Statics and fundamentals of R
  • Data Science with R
  • Data Science with python
  • SQL Programming
  • Data visualization with tableau

Exception Handling

  • Understand the Exception
  • Handle exception in PLSQL Blocks.
  • Type of Exception
  • Implementation of Exception
  • Describe Raise_application_error Procedure
  • Oracle Error range,User Error Range
  • Pragma_exception_int Procedure

Create the Stored Procedure

  • Syntax for creating, Dropping, Replace and Executing the Stored Procedure
  • Procedure with parameter using (IN,OUT,IN OUT)
  • Difference between Stored procedure and Anonymous block
  • Invoking Procedure with another procedure
  • Ways to Execute the procedure
  • Implementation with business logic
  • Handling the Exception, Cursor inside the Stored Procedure
  • Fixed notataion,named notataion,Mixed notation
  • View the Meta Data information about the Procedure in Data Dictionary table
  • User_Procedures

Create a Stored Function

  • Syntax for Create,Execute,Drop the Function
  • Calling of user-defined function in sql statement
  • Invoking Stored function in another Stored procedure
  • Advantage of using stored function
  • Data Dictionary Table Stored Function
  • How Plsql Function returns more than one value
  • Difference between Stored Procedure and Stored Function
  • View the Meta Data Information about Function in Data Dictionary table.


  • Reason to use Package
  • Create the package
  • Identify the advantage of Package
  • Describing the package
  • Components in package
  • Global variable
  • Forward Declaration, and Procedure overloading
  • Create The Package specification and Package Body
  • Implement the Business logic in the Package
  • Implements the Cursor and Exception in the Package efficiently
  • View the source code using the data dictionary table
  • Compile and Drop the Package


  • Describe the trigger
  • Purpose of trigger
  • Identify the trigger events type and body
  • Type of triggers
  • Syntax for creating Row level trigger and statement level trigger
  • And difference
  • Instead of trigger
  • Create the DDL,Database(logon and logoff) trigger
  • Create and Drop the trigger
  • View the Meta data information about the trigger
  • Mutating error
  • How to avoid the mutation error
  • Create the Compound trigger to avoid the mutating error
  • Describe the Pragma_autonomous_transcation
  • Using data dictionary ALL_TRIGGERS

Manage dependencies

  • Overview of Schema object dependencies
  • Finding out the Object Dependencies using the USER_DEPENDENCIES
  • Invalidation of object dependencies

Data Dictionary table usage


Oracle Supplied package

  • Create UTL_FILE to import and export the file as CSV, TXT file Tab-separated file
  • DBMS_PROFILER to debug the Procedure,Packages.

Overview of collection

  • Composite data type, Collection data type
  • Types of collection
  • Associate array,
  • Nested table
  • Varray
  • Real time implementation using the collection
  • Collection Methods
  • Multiset Operator
  • Describing Assignment and Equality test
  • Object ,Records High level data type
  • Use collection efficiently

Bulk Collect

  • Overview of Bulk collect
  • Understanding how Context Switching reduce using the bulk collect
  • Advantage of Bulk Collect
  • Bulk collect and Bulk Bind using the FORALL
  • Bulk inserting can archive using the bulk Bind
  • Difference between FOR and FORALL
  • Use the save exception to handle the runtime error in the collection

Ref cursor

  • When do we need Ref Cursor with practical example
  • Advantage of ref cursor
  • Type of ref cursor
  • Strong Ref cursor,Weak Ref Cursor and SYS_REFCURSOR

Performance tunning

  • Creating the index
  • Using the BULK collect


And Perform the Accurate Business Forecasting for Organizations

Certificate List

Earn a professional certificate from top universities and institutions including Harvard, MIT, Microsoft and more.

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Data science interview questions:

Here's a directory of the various successful data science interview questions you can await to face.

Here we present you some of the top interview questions here:


  • Which are all necessary to build a random forest model?
  • Given a data set consisting of variables with more than 50 percent missing values. How will you deal with them?
  • What are the ways to maintain a deployed model?
  • How can you calculate accuracy using a confusion matrix?
  • Write a basic SQL query that lists all orders with customer information.
Data scientist interview questions:

Data science is currently one of the most popular professional choices. Thousands of first-year students and experienced students are looking for a job in the industry. The sudden increase in this industry is due to the fact that most companies are currently looking for data resources. Data scientist interview questions consists dozens of languages, systems and technologies that data scientists can learn in these areas. 


Data scientist interview questions is all about machine learning, computer science, statistics, mathematics, data visualization, communication and deep learning. Becoming Data Scientist requires peculiar training and supervision, and if you are imagining about making a career in this remarkably developing area, then you must join Infycle –Data science training in Chennai which has been making a huge quantity of skilled Data Scientists.


Why Data Science is Important?

A simple real time example is enough to identify why data science is important.

For ex:

  • Do you know how Netflix knows the movies and shows you want? Well, it’s about learning data science. It uses algorithms and machine learning techniques to understand your needs and helps you stay one step ahead. The languages used in this area are Python, Java, SQL, etc. So shape your future by learning data science courses at Infycle Technologies.
  • All the famous search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. Apply the algorithms of data science to achieve the most reliable results which are searched in less time.


And Perform the Accurate Business Forecasting for Organizations

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We help businesses of all sizes to increase visibility, drive more traffic and improve commercial success
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We are very proud of the service we provide and stand by every product we carry. Read our testimonials from our happy customers.